We all need to search for the match between our unique gifts and what the world needs. The match I keep coming back to is empowering people with their own data and tools to use it. In the past few years, I've used data to vastly improve my health and life. I hope some of what I learn or build can be helpful to others.

Cakelin, a light skinned person with orange hair blowing in every direction. Behind and below them is a castle wall.

If there was one thing I could do with my life, it would be to make other people feel like they are worth it and can accomplish what they want to. No matter what they've experienced or been labeled.

It took an immense amount of time & effort to build that autonomy & mastery for myself. I have ADHD that went undiagnosed for most of my life. I was working class & a first generation college graduate. Then there are my several health disabilities & service dog Franklin. Might as well throw being a queer & nonbinary femme in tech into that pile. It often felt like the cards were stacked against me, but I was lucky too. I somehow passed these obstacles to be a scientist and software developer. I have an obligation to reach back and pull others forward with me.

Every chance to teach STEM has shown me how much potential we are currently missing out on. Humanity is going to need diverse people to work across disciplines in order to solve the challenges ahead.

If you're curious, want to share things, or just connect, I'd love to hear from you! Pick your poison: you can find me most places @thecakelin including thecakelin@gmail.com.

While not the main intention of this site, I'm open to new opportunities if it's a good fit. You can find out more about what I'm looking for in this post or check out my resume here. Please, no recruiters.

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