Why, hello! I'm building nudges.io

Automatic data tracking across all your apps, to run self experiments

Nudges.io automatically pulls your data from all your apps, to run self experiments.

By a disabled person, for disabled people (or anyone who struggles with executive dysfunction). It's time for a world tailored to marginalized people, instead of against us.

Want to know more or talk about how tech and data are shaping our lives? Shoot me an email at thecakelin@gmail.com or sign up to have afternoon tea with me. I'm looking to do a series of articles and/or a podcast about how disabled people use or would change tech. I'd love to diversify tech, so even if you don't care about any of the above but want to learn to code or advice about a tech career, hit me up!

[Header image: meme that's a screenshot of a reddit post. "The world now runs on video game logic, what's the first thing you do?". Best comment: "Look at my stats to find out wtf is wrong with me".]



Puppeteer script that logs into 1Password extension and uses it to login to Twitter (or anywhere with a 1Password login)

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